Building better lives & brighter futures

Building Better Lives & Brighter Futures


Empowering refugees & the urban poor

A bustling, megacity of almost 30 million residents, greater Jakarta is also home to over 7,000 refugees and asylum-seekers and over 7,000 waste pickers living and working on landfills. Due to social and legal barriers, both populations lack access to education, healthcare, and formal employment.

Our work emerged organically in response to these challenges and eventually obtained official NGO status in 2015. We are a vibrant network of almost 100 Indonesians, expatriates, and refugees working together to create educational and vocational opportunities for marginalized communities.

Today, Light of Dawn International (in Indonesian: Yayasan Internasional Cahaya Fajar) impacts the lives of over 200 refugees and 300 Indonesian families in greater Jakarta. Our mission is to empower marginalized urban communities, especially those affected by some of the biggest humanitarian issues of the modern era: the movement of displaced peoples, urban migration, and the rising divide between the rich and the poor.

Our Programs



The “Life on Landfills: Indonesians Finding Education & Enterprise” (LIFE) program serves approximately 170 children and 300 families living and working as waste pickers on one of the world’s largest landfills, Bantar Gebang.

LIFE provides preschool classes, after-school tutoring, and university/vocational degree scholarships. The program has also provided school buildings, safe places for children to play, and the area’s first toilets. LIFE operates in 4 communities on the landfill and 1 community in nearby slum areas.

The goal of this program is to break generational cycles of poverty by empowering the children and youth.


Roshan Learning Center is a community-driven program that fills an education gap for asylum seekers and refugees in Jakarta who are unable to attend formal school during their long wait for resettlement.

Roshan now serves 150 students of all ages from preschool to adulthood. Core academic content include Indonesian and English, math/science/computer, and soft skills. We foster a caring community of learners where everyone is welcomed, valued, and held to high standards.

The goals of this program are to increase refugees’ sense of self-worth, cognitive and language skills, and social and emotional well-being, which will enhance future opportunities for academic and employment success.

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Our People



Indonesian staff and teachers



refugee managers and teachers

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local and international volunteers



Our leadership comes from an international team of men and women who have a shared vision for empowering marginalized urban communities in Jakarta. We include businessmen, educators and education experts, church leaders, and tech experts. We are specialists in our fields who recognize that we have greater value added when we collaborate--with each other and with the people we aim to serve.

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