Here's just a small sampling of the natural treasures we've helped preserve over the years.

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Life Program

The Living on Landfills: Indonesians Finding Education and Enterprise
The LIFE program serves 300 families in Jakarta. The program has provided infrastructure, including school buildings, safe places for children to play, and the area’s first toilets to some of the most underserved people in Indonesia. It also provides preschool classes for children 5 and under, afterschool activities for children of all ages, and English and vocational classes for adults. Teachers participate in government-run teacher training programs and
live among the beneficiary community on landfills.

The short-term goal of this program is to develop an eco-friendly recycling enterprise; the ultimate goal of this program is to break long-held assumptions of a life in poverty and replace them with expectations of health, knowledge and dignity




Denali National Park

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This One Tree Somewhere

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