Empowering the Urban Poor through Education and Enterprise


Many international organizations send their best professionals to work in Indonesia, a thriving country with an emerging economy, a culturally and linguistically rich population, cosmopolitan urban hubs--and more than 28 million people living on less than $1 a day. Companies and development agencies find a wealth of opportunities to work and serve here.

Light of Dawn International is no exception. What makes our organization exceptional is that our work and team emerged organically from on-the-ground needs and efforts. Our first efforts started in 2009 and achieved NGO status in 2015. We are authorized by the Government of Indonesia’s Ministries of Justice and Social Affairs, and we have been recognized by UNHCR for our work with refugees.

Our leadership comes from a team of Indonesian and international staff who have a shared vision for bringing hope, health and happiness to the urban poor in Jakarta, Indonesia. We include businessmen, education experts, church leaders, and tech experts. We are specialists in our fields who recognize that we have greater value added when we collaborate--with each other and with the people we aim to serve. Our leadership team includes men and women from Indonesia and the




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